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The Dick Hedke Memorial Award
This award honours the memory of Richard C. Hedke, member of the Detroit Rotary Club and Rotary International President in 1946-47.  The award is presented yearly to the club in District 6400 that achieves the best balance of all Four Avenues of Service. In addition, clubs that have demonstrated significant achievement in each of the Four Avenues of Service are also recognized.

Best Club - 1980, 1995-1996, 2011-2012

Best Club Service program - 1995

Best Vocational Service Program - 1997

Best International Service Program - 2004, 2005

Best Community Service Program - 2006, 2008

Best Public Relations Program - 2009, 2011

Best Rotary Foundation Program - 2010


The Frank Devlyn Exemplary Public Image Award
This award was established by the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland to commemorate the 2001-2001 Presidential theme, "Create Awareness, Take Action!". This annual public image award recognizes a club for their exemplary and on-going public image efforts throughout the entire Rotary year.


2002-2003,  2004-2005,   2005- 2006,    2006-2007

2010 (Honorable Mention), 2011 (2nd), 2012 (3rd) 


The Hugh Archer Project Excellence Award

District 6400 and the Dearborn Rotary Club, which was Hugh M. Archer's home club established this award to honour Hugh during his year as Rotary International President in 1989-1990. The award is given to the club in District 6400 that initiates a new community project that encourages teamwork among club members and best exemplifies Hugh's theme for his year as Rotary International President, "Enjoy Rotary".

2004-2005 Boundary-free playground

2007-2008  Pay It Forward

2010- 2011  Birthday in a Bag

Club Service

Best On-Going Information for Club Members - 2003, 2008, 2010

Best Newsletter - 2004, 2009

Best Information for New Members - 2007

Most Innovative Club Social Event - 2011 (Pelee Is.), 2012 (Open House) 


The Cog Award
This is the premier award of District 6400 and is designed to recognize individuals for their exemplary past and continuing service to the District. Just as the cog represents an integral working part of the Rotary logo wheel, the individual represents a vital moving part of the Rotary Wheel of Service.  The COG Award is designed to recognize an individual, currently active, for outstanding service in one or more of the five avenues of service including continued service to the individual's club.
2004-2005    Hardy Wheeler
2007-2008    Carlo Abati
2008-2009    Paul Charbonneau
                       Phyllis Charbonneau



Significant Achievement Award

2000-2001 Santa's Shoe Box

2002-2003 Soup Kitchen

2005-2006 Begley School Literacy

Presidential Citation - 1999-2000,   2000-2001,    2002-2003, 2007- 2008,  2010- 2011



Highest Total Giving in D6400 - 1996-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000

3rd Highest Total Giving in D6400 - 2004-2005

Highest Per Capita Giving in D6400 - 1993-1994(?)

2nd Highest Per Capita Giving in D6400 - 1996-1997

3rd Highest Per Capita Giving in D6400 - 1999, 2010



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