The Rotary Club of Windsor St.-Clair took the occasion of Rotary’s 107th birthday to host an open house to generate ideas for new projects to help the Windsor-Essex community.  On Thursday, February 23, close to 100 people gathered at the Windsor Yacht Club to learn more about the club’s many projects and successes to date.  Below, members gather to celebrate the tremendous work which has been done and to recognize the $2.5 million contribution by the club to community and global projects.



“We have much to celebrate tonight,” enthused club President Paul Charbonneau.  “Since its inception in 1975, this club has raised and contributed more than $2.5 million dollars for projects in the local and global community.” 

Some of these initiatives include the club’s partnership with the City of Windsor to build the Ganatchio Trail and Shanfield Shores, the construction of the region’s first boundary free playground in the Town of Tecumseh, and their ongoing commitment to the Salvation’s Army’s Soup Kitchen whereby Rotarians volunteer weekly to serve soup to those who are hungry.  Rotarians also volunteer weekly at Begley School, offering their assistance to those students who are learning English as a second language, and supporting the school’s library and breakfast programs. 

“The City of Windsor is so grateful for the ongoing partnerships with the Ganatchio Trail and Shanfield Shores,” said Windsor Councillor Bill Marra.  “What you do for this community is simply amazing.”

 “Thank you,” added Essex County Warden Tom Bain.  “You see a need and you fill it.  Rotary is everywhere.”

 Internationally, the club has contributed to fresh water projects and shipped thousands of eyeglasses to the Philippines. In partnership with the Town of Tecumseh, they refurbished a firetruck and shipped it to Namibia, Africa.  In Kenya and Ghana, the club has undertaken a major role in building and refurbishing schools and health clinics through their RELAY (Rotarians Enhancing Learning for African Youth) initiative. 

 “And we’re not finished yet,” Charbonneau went on to say.  “In fact, one of tonight’s goals is to generate new ideas for new projects to help improve the world we all share.  There’s no better vehicle to make the world a better place than through the service of Rotary.”