Nearlyhalf of the residences in the Windsor community are not equipped with working smoke detectors and the Rotary Club of Windsor St. Clair will be teaming up with Windsor Fire and Rescue to do something about it.

Firefighters and Rotarians will blitz the city with the Wake Up, Get a Working Smoke Alarm program and work together to conduct an increased number of home fire safety inspections, provide educational materials on fire safety, encourage homeowners to have an escape plan in case of fire, and to provide and install a smoke detector. As well, Rotarians will have the chance to let the community know more about Rotary and our commitment to community service.



“This is a perfect example of a community project that both allows us to respond to the needs of the community and at the same time to tell our story,” explains Chris Woodrow, President of the Club. “The program saves lives and presents us with an opportunity to spread the word about Rotary.” The club will donate $10,000 to the program over the next two years.

“This partnership with Windsor St. Clair Rotary Club will go a long way to improving the unacceptable situation here in Windsor,” said Windsor Fire and Rescue Chief Bruce Montone. “Early Warning and Planning for Your Escape are two ways to reduce injury, death and property damage from fire. Rotarians are respected community leaders who can help us significantly improve public safety in our city. We very much appreciate Rotary involvement.”

Community Service is one of the avenues which encourages Rotarians to serve their communities. “We all assume a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities and to serve the public interest,” Woodrow went on to say.