About Our Club
In order for Windsor-St. Clair Rotary to fund local and international projects, money has to be raised  - club members and friends of Rotary do this in many by different ways.  Windsor-St. Clair raises close to $100,000 annually through the following initiatives:
COGECO Cable TV Auction
This is our main fundraiser for local and international projects and services undertaken by the Rotary Club of Windsor-St.Clair.   Donations of merchandise, services, tickets to sporting events, signed sports memorabilia, and gift certificates continue to make the auction a great success. Each donation is at least $100 in value. In exchange for the donation, the business receives extensive promotion through advertising and the on-air presence.
Monthly Bingos
One of our largest and most successful fundraisers. Rotarians and friends volunteer at a local bingo and we share in the proceeds.
Nevada Ticket Sales
Always available at the Lion's Head Tavern located at the corner of Lauzon Road and Wyandotte Street East in Windsor, Ontario.
Miscellaneous Fund Raising
Club members organize a variety of dinner and entertainment events. These vary yearly and are designed for fun and fellowship.
Weekly Fun Fining Sessions at meetings
This consists of fun fines and the program changes weekly to keep the fun it it.  There are "happy dollars", fines set for various silly things and trivial questions. These are designed for fun and entertainment as well as collecting small amounts donated for specific causes.
Rotary Foundation Funds
Rotarians around the world give generously to "The Rotary Foundation" of Rotary International to support a wide range of educational, cultural, and humanitarian programs. These gifts ensure that dreams of a better life become reality for thousands of deserving people throughout the world. Gifts to The Rotary Foundation can be made in many ways. To explore the wide variety of giving options, and to learn more about the financial benefits that may be available to you, check out the International website at www.rotary.org